At Lincs Law Employment Solicitors we understand how problems at work affect every part of your life and can impact on your home and family. Suffering discrimination, bullying and harassment at work can be especially devastating, but there are things you can do to protect yourself and take back some control over your workplace situation.

We set out some examples below as to how Lincs Law Employment Solicitors have assisted clients with their discrimination, bullying and harassment matters:

  • An Employment Tribunal claim, and compensation awarded, to an employee who told her employer she was pregnant and was then immediately removed from the overtime rota.
  • An Employment Tribunal claim, and compensation awarded, to an employee originally from Nigeria who was refused the same training opportunities as his British colleagues.
  • A grievance raised, a settlement payment received and a change in employers’ practice in respect of training opportunities being offered to a particular grade of employees (predominately men) which were not offered to other grades made up of predominately female staff.
  • An Employment Tribunal claim, and early settlement, for an employee who supported his Polish co-workers in their complaint about discrimination and was subsequently subjected to wholly unjustified disciplinary action.
  • An Employment Tribunal claim, judicial mediation, settlement and change in employer’s practice for a disabled client recovering from colon cancer who needed appropriate breaks and personal facilities but was denied those reasonable adjustments.
  • An Employment Tribunal claim, and settlement, for a disabled employee who was made “redundant” just a few weeks before his kidney operation.
  • A grievance, ACAS Early Conciliation, and settlement, for an employee bullied out of their role by a manager’s unjustified performance management procedures.

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