At Lincs Law Employment Solicitors, we understand clients are concerned about the cost of seeking legal advice. So, we have examples of our charges below.


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At Lincs Law Employment Solicitors, we understand costs will be an important consideration when deciding whether to mediate your dispute. Many potential litigants are attracted to Mediation as it represents a cost effective alternative to Court or Tribunal fees.

Our Fees To Act As The Mediator

Our exact fees in any particular Mediation will depend on the nature and complexity of the dispute. However, we will always seek to agree a Fixed Fee for Mediation with the parties in advance.

By way of a guide, we would usually charge a Fixed Fee of £1,200.00 (£1,000.00 plus VAT) per party for a one day Mediation lasting up to six hours. As the name suggests, this is a Fixed Fee and there is no further charge for preparation, considering documentation or administration. Further, if the Mediation takes place at our offices a Greetwell Place, Lime Kiln Way, Lincoln LN2 4US there will be no additional charges for venue or travel.

In the event the parties do not wish the Mediation to take place at our offices, further charges will be incurred through the venue chosen. This will be the costs of hiring the meeting rooms etc. In addition, there will be a small charge for travel.

As stated above, the Fixed Fee quoted is intended as a guide and Lincs Law Employment Solicitors may charge an higher fee, in any or all of the following circumstances:

  • in a particularly complex case
  • where the parties provide an exceptionally large amount of documentation to be read in advance
  • when it is necessary to meet the parties before the Mediation

All Fixed Fees will, of course, be agreed with the parties prior to the Mediation. As ever, the fees are per party, each being responsible for their own costs of the Mediation.

Our Fees To Represent A Party In Mediation

Occasionally we are asked to represent parties at a Mediation. We find our experience as Mediators assists our clients both with the preparation of their Position Statement and at the Mediation hearing itself. We encourage anyone who is a party to Mediation to contact us. We do not charge for enquiries and we will try and provide some guidance as to your best course of action.

If you do require representation, our fees are dependent upon the assistance required. Broadly our work falls into the following three categories:-

  • Fixed Fee Consultation
  • Preparation of Position Statement (also called a Statement of Case)
  • Representation at the Mediation Hearing

Fixed Fee Consultations

Following a free enquiry; if your matter requires further assistance we will meet with you for a Fixed Fee Consultation. The cost of a Fixed Fee Consultation will depend on which of our advisers you want to help you.  For more information about the costs of a Fixed Fee Consultation is available at

The consultation includes a meeting with whichever one of our extremely experienced lawyers you choose. It is intended that your consultation should be a thorough consideration and assessment of your dispute: there is no time limit and you can relax in the knowledge that however long you are with your lawyer, the price is fixed and you will not be charged additional hourly rates or any additional fees. The consultation lasts as long as it takes for you and your lawyer to:-

  • Consider the full background of your situation
  • Discuss your circumstances
  • Advise on the Mediation process
  • Suggest what action or steps you should take next
  • Advise on any fees or funding arrangements for assistance going forward

Your lawyer will then confirm their advice in full and in writing. There are no additional charges as your written confirmation is included in the cost of the Fixed Fee Consultation.

For many clients, a Fixed Fee Consultation is all that is necessary and they consider they have all the assistance they need to progress their Mediation themselves. For others who may require further assistance we can offer a number of Fixed Fee options.

If you wish to discuss a Fixed Fee Consultation please call us on 01522 440512 or contact .

Preparation of Position Statement (Statement of Case)

Following a Fixed Fee Consultation, you may require us to undertake some further work on your behalf. For example, you could ask us to draft your Position Statement or prepare a schedule of your losses.

Depending on the nature of the work, we will provide a Fixed Fee. A Fixed Fee will, as the name suggests, be a fixed price for the work. The Fixed Fee will depend upon the complexity of your matter and the amount of documentation which needs to be considered. Most clients find they are assisted at their Mediation hearing by our advice as to the process, likely outcome and professionally drafted documentation.

If you wish to discuss Fixed Fee assistance please call us on 01522 440512 or contact 

Representation at the Mediation Hearing

Lincs Law Employment Solicitors would be also represent clients at Mediation hearings. In such cases, we would hope to agree a Fixed Fee with you for our attendance and representation. Obviously, the cost will depend upon the complexity of your matter, what assistance we have provided previously at a Fixed Fee Consultation or through drafting your Mediation documentation.

We encourage anyone who is a party to Mediation to call us on 01522 440512 or contact us. We do not charge for enquiries and we will try and provide some guidance as to your best course of action.

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