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Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreement (Race Discrimination & Harassment)

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I recently acted for a client who had been offered a Settlement Agreement by their employer but was unhappy with the terms offered due to the discrimination they had experienced in the workplace. Please read on for more information on how I was able to help my client.

My Client’s Story

My client contacted Lincs Law Employment Solicitors for a free enquiry call, and I was happy to discuss how I could help. Shortly after, I was instructed by my client to review the Settlement Agreement which had been offered by their employer.

A Settlement Agreement is a written contract between an employer and employee. Usually, in a Settlement Agreement the employer will offer a compensation payment to an employee in exchange for that employee leaving their job, giving up their employment rights and agreeing not to bring any claims against their employer. Further information about Settlement Agreements can be found on our website at https://lincslaw.co.uk/services/settlement-agreement/

During our Settlement Agreement appointment, I took a comprehensive background of my client’s employment and the circumstances that led to the Settlement Agreement. By taking this background I was able to determine that my client had recently been subjected to an act of racial harassment in the workplace. I provided my client with an assessment of their claim including the potential compensation they could achieve at the Employment Tribunal.

I also went through the wider terms of the Settlement Agreement with them, and explained what their obligations were under the Agreement. Following our appointment, I confirmed my advice in a written letter.

I advised my client that they had a good claim for harassment due to race and that the compensation offered under the Settlement Agreement was not reasonable or appropriate given the nature of their claim. Accordingly, I set out the options my client had moving forward. 

How I Helped My Client

After receiving my assessment, my client was able to make an informed decision as to which option he would like to proceed with. My client did not want to lodge an Employment Tribunal claim. Instead, he wanted to obtain a higher compensatory amount under the Settlement Agreement. My client instructed me to enter into discussions with their employer to negotiate an increase to the compensation offered.

During these negotiations, I outlined the strength of my client’s claim and put forward a revised offer of settlement. 

I was delighted that I was able to achieve a revised offer of settlement which was more than double the offer my client originally received. My client was content to sign the Settlement Agreement knowing they were being properly compensated for the harassment they had experienced.

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