Unfair Redundancy

Redundancy (Unfair Selection)

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My Client’s Story

My client came to see me just after his employer notified him that he was at risk of redundancy. He had worked for his employer for several years and the whole situation just came out of the blue. After having a free telephone consultation, my client booked in for what we call a Fixed Fee Consultation. More information about Fixed Fee Consultations is available on our website at

During the consultation I gave him detailed advice about the law surrounding redundancy and that in my view, he would have a strong claim for unfair dismissal if his employer went on to formally confirm his selection for redundancy.

Unfortunately, the process of being placed at risk of redundancy, in isolation to all his colleagues, caused my client to lose faith in his employer. As such, his key objective was to negotiate the best exit possible, given that his employer had given a strong indication, the only outcome would be redundancy for him.

How I Helped My Client

My client instructed me to draft his redundancy representations for him, setting out why in our view his selection for redundancy was unfair. We cited many issues including the pool for redundancy being too small, the failure to select him fairly, and the lack of any conversation about alternative roles. At the same time, we submitted a without prejudice proposal seeking an enhanced compensation payment to leave the business without instigating any claims in the Employment Tribunal. For more information about without prejudice correspondence, please visit our website at

After just a few days, the employer agreed with most of the requests we made, and a fair exit package was agreed. My client was delighted with the outcome, and I received the following feedback:

“I just wanted to say thank you for your help and advice with everything and for getting the good result. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs help in future”

Lincs Law Employment Solicitors Can Help You

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Sophie Goodwill, Director, Specialist Employment Solicitor