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Employment Tribunal (Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination)

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I recently concluded an Employment Tribunal claim for my client who had suffered a campaign of discrimination from their employer. Please read on for information about how I helped, along with my client’s lovely review.

My Client’s Story

My client had worked happily for her employer for many years. However, when she announced she was pregnant and subsequently went on maternity leave, everything changed. Her employer excluded her from meetings and overall had very little contact with her. Then, when my client was due to return to work following her maternity leave, out of the blue, her employer stated her hours were being reduced significantly. This was during my client’s “protected period”. For more information about this, please see here –

My client raised a Formal Grievance in relation to the above treatment, particularly that she was being treated less favourably on the grounds of her pregnancy and subsequent maternity leave. Unfortunately, raising the above Formal Grievance made the treatment towards my client even worse. Her employer began, without reason or justification, alleging that there had been customer complaints about her. They also unilaterally reduced her hours.

My client was, understandably, upset about the situation and therefore decided to seek assistance. My client called Lincs Law Employment Solicitors for assistance. During her free initial telephone enquiry, we were able to reassure her we could help. My client then decided to book in for a Fixed Fee Consultation. For more information about our Fixed Fee Consultation Service, please see our website at –

As our Fixed Fee Consultations are of unlimited duration, we were able to spend time discussing the following:

  • The full background of my client’s situation; and
  • My client’s objectives and what they wanted to achieve; and
  • Her potential Employment Tribunal claims; and
  • The value of the claims; and
  • The relevant time limits; and
  • The next steps to put my client in the best possible position; and
  • Her funding options available following the Fixed Fee Consultation, if she wanted further assistance from Lincs Law Employment Solicitors.

During the Fixed Fee Consultation, it was evident that my client had been (and was still being) subjected to pregnancy and maternity discrimination, particularly in relation to the unilateral reduction of her hours. It was also clear that after raising her concerns about the discriminatory behaviour in her Formal Grievance, she was being subjected to detrimental treatment. We therefore established that she also had a Victimisation claim. For more information about this, please see here –

An action plan was discussed with my client, including how to pursue her claims in the Employment Tribunal and given her objectives, different options of how to leave her employment. I then sent my client a detailed letter of advice to help her decide what to do next.

Following receipt of her letter of advice, I was delighted that my client decided to instruct me to help with her next steps. As part of my client’s instructions, I firstly assisted in drafting correspondence for her to send to her employer directly. I also provided advice and assistance in the ongoing internal dispute with her employer.

On my client’s behalf, I also initiated and undertook ACAS Early Conciliation to try and reach a resolution with her employer (for more information please see ) Unfortunately, her employer was not willing to engage in this process. As such, I then drafted and submitted my client’s claims to the Employment Tribunal.

After submitting my client’s claim to the Employment Tribunal and raising further concerns of discrimination internally with her employer, unfortunately, the treatment towards my client worsened further. This cumulated in my client ultimately being dismissed from her employment. As such, on behalf of my client, I submitted further claims to the Employment Tribunal against her employer. These included further claims of Victimisation and, additionally, a claim of Unfair Dismissal and various pay related claims.

I continued to represent my client in the Employment Tribunal. This included complying with the various Employment Tribunal Orders, attending her Preliminary Hearings and corresponding with her employer (the Respondent in the Employment Tribunal proceedings).

As above, initially, the Respondent had been unwilling to enter into Without Prejudice negotiations. However, during the Employment Tribunal process they then changed their approach and indicated they wanted to discuss a settlement. After some negotiation, I was delighted to be able to agree a significant financial settlement on behalf of my client.

My Client’s Review

I was absolutely delighted to help my client achieve the above outcome for her and her family. I was also very flattered to receive the following review from my client:

My first experience at Lincs Law was extremely positive. The solicitor I initially spoke to was attentive, knowledgeable and extremely helpful with my employment concerns. She then went on to refer me to Kate, she straight away put my mind and ease. Kate was reassuring, honest and realistic with the outcome of the case. Kate remained professional throughout, she was always a phone call away to provide me with answers and reassurance. Kate was a pleasure to deal with and full of positivity and guidance. Kate was very patient and determined to help me settle my case – which she achieved. I am so very grateful for all of her help. Thank you Kate.”

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Kate Key, Specialist Employment Solicitor