At Lincs Law Employment Solicitors we understand that most employees would prefer not to bring a claim at the Employment Tribunal against their employer.

Resignation, Dismissal and Redundancy

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Losing your job is extremely stressful. If your contract of employment has been terminated, you are at risk of redundancy or you are considering resigning because of the behaviour of your employer, you need specialist advice and assistance. 

At Lincs Law Employment Solicitors we want to help as much as possible and this website is filled with helpful explanations, assistance and guidance.  However, if you would like to discuss your situation with a qualified employment solicitor, just call us on 01522 440512 for a free enquiry.

By providing you with advice about your situation and by setting out your options clearly, we can help you regain some control over your workplace issues and make informed decisions about how you want to go forward. At Lincs Law Employment Solicitors, our qualified, specialist employment lawyers have a combined 80 years experience between them; time they have spent helping people just like you.

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