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Employment Tribunal (Disability Discrimination Claim)

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I was delighted to represent my client in their disability discrimination claim. Read on for more information about my client’s story.

My Client’s Story

My client suffers with diabetes and a neurological condition which affects their speech and balance and causes them to be slower at processing information. Nevertheless, they had been able to perform their job role; a role they had been in for many years, without difficulty. However, my client worked varying shift patterns, and this began to affect their ability to manage their diabetes. They requested regular shifts and regular breaks, but nothing was done by the Company’s management.

My client also suffered harassment from a colleague over a number of years. This harassment including name calling, undermining my client’s authority and intimidating them, among many other things. My client tried to remain positive and hoped things would improve but eventually they had no alternative but to raise a formal grievance.

How I Helped My Client

At the point of our initial consultation, my client had gone through the grievance process. None of their grievances were upheld, including on appeal. They were off work due to work-related stress and anxiety. They were at a loss to know what to do next. As some of my client’s grievance points had not been addressed and other incidents had subsequently occurred, I drafted a fresh grievance for my client.

I also commenced the ACAS Early Conciliation process having identified that my client had disability discrimination claims (for more information please see our website at ) The employer was not willing to engage in any settlement discussions at that time. My client remained off sick; they were not supported back to work; and their grievances remained unresolved. As a consequence, my client’s mental health deteriorated significantly.

I submitted claims on behalf of my client to the Employment Tribunal for: –

  • Discrimination Arising from Disability.
  • Failure to Make Reasonable Adjustments.
  • Harassment.

I supported and represented my client throughout the Employment Tribunal process. This was difficult and challenging for my client at times, but they remained determined to present their case to the Employment Tribunal. Attempts had been made to settle the case by both parties and at the point of the final hearing, my client was offered and accepted a significant financial settlement. An important part of the settlement was that my client’s employment would terminate, allowing them to end the employment relationship and move on.

My Client’s Review

I was very happy to have helped my client and very grateful to them for leaving the kind review below:

“When I first met Kathryn, she put me at ease straight away. Gave expert advice throughout, treated me with dignity and respect, always listened to my concerns. Kathryn, you have been our backbone, from communication, paperwork and kindness and respect that you and your team have shown us. We would like to congratulate you all for a fantastic achievement against a big company.”

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Kathryn Bolton, Associate, Specialist Employment Solicitor