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Disciplinary (Negligence & Bullying)

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I received the most beautiful bunch of flowers from a client as a wonderful thank you gift after helping her with her disciplinary matter. Please read on for more information on how I helped my client and the kind review she left me.

My Client’s Story

I initially spoke to my client through our free enquiry telephone service. She had called the office seeking some initial free advice concerning a disciplinary procedure. After providing her with some assistance, she decided to book in using our Fixed Fee Consultation service. For more information, please visit our website at https://lincslaw.co.uk/fees/employees/

At our Fixed Fee Consultation, we discussed that she was facing disciplinary allegations of negligence and bullying at work. My client was a manager at a Nursery. The allegations followed a malicious complaint by an employee who had been (correctly) disciplined and had chosen to walk out of work. At the Fixed Fee Consultation, I provided my client with a detailed assessment of her current position and identified the necessary next steps she needed to take. I was able to identify several problems in the way my client’s employer had treated her and how the disciplinary procedure was being conducted. I also understood my client’s objectives were to avoid a sanction of Final Written Warning (which had been threatened).

Following the Fixed Fee Consultation my client instructed me to assist her throughout the disciplinary procedure including preparing her disciplinary defence statement. As well as preparing her disciplinary defence, I provided my client with support and advice as and when she needed it by phone or email.

In the disciplinary statement, I set out my client’s submissions to the allegation against her and identified the numerous procedural inaccuracies in the disciplinary procedure. With my assistance, my client was able to achieve her objective as she was not given a Final Written Warning.

I then prepared a Formal Grievance on her behalf in respect of the way she had been treated by her employer. Whilst going through the Formal Grievance procedure, my client instructions were that she wanted to leave her employment as soon as possible. As such, I assist my client in facilitating her exit from her employment on terms favourable to her. I was delighted that I was able to help my client achieving her objectives and obtain her ideal outcome.

My Client’s Review

As well as the beautiful flowers my client also kindly gave me the following review:

“Jasmine was so helpful, understanding and took time to explain every process. I would be lost without her knowledge and support during my difficult time. Was always available through emails and telephone calls.”

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