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At Lincs Law Employment Solicitors, we want you to choose the best employment law advice and, obviously, we would like you to choose us. As a specialist Employment Law practice, we are able to draw on a combined 70 years’ experience helping people with their employment law and workplace problems.

We understand work problems are stressful and affect you, your family and every part of your life. At such a difficult time, making a decision as to where to get the right help just adds to the pressure. The wrong decision can be costly, both in money and time. Again, we would like you to choose us, but even more than that, we want you to get the right help. To do that, you need to ask the questions below:-

Are You Choosing Specialist Employment Solicitors?

Employment law is fast paced and ever changing. You need to make sure you are taking your matter to specialists who are fully up to date and are able to assist with your situation. Gone are the days when solicitors could just do a bit of everything, you need someone who spends their full working week dealing with employment law problems. Lincs Law Employment Solicitors are a specialist employment law practice, we simply don’t do anything else.

Does The Employment Law Team Have The Experience To Help You?

Whether you choose a large or small firm is a matter of personal preference. However, an army of conveyancers will be of little use in assisting with your employment matter. You need to make sure the team you trust with your matter has experience you can draw upon to get the right result. At Lincs Law Employment Solicitors, you can choose whichever one of our fully qualified employment solicitors or barrister you want to work with. They will be responsible for your matter from start to finish. We will not pass your matter on to an unqualified junior member of staff. Not only will your employment lawyer be fully qualified and very experienced in their own right, they can draw upon the experience of a team with over 70 years’ specialist employment law experience.

Are The Advisers In The Employment Law Team Legally Qualified?

It may sound strange, but anyone can call themselves an employment lawyer and start giving advice. However, designations such as solicitor or barrister are protected and so can only be used by qualified and regulated advisers. You need to make sure you understand the level of qualification your adviser has. At Lincs Law Employment Solicitors all our advisers are fully qualified barristers and solicitors and are members of either the Bar Council or Law Society.

Do The Employment Solicitors Have Any Client Reviews?

Your adviser you choose should be able to refer you to client comments or testimonials. Indeed, their profile page should provide a link to their latest reviews which are verified by an independent website. Those reviews are for that particular adviser, so you know what other clients have said about the solicitor or barrister you have chosen. Again, reviews about a firm’s conveyancing service will be of little use in deciding whether they can assist you with your employment matter. Finally, at Lincs Law Employment Solicitors, we are happy to provide copies of reviews and references from our clients. (We also have an extensive collection of thank you cards.)

What Are The Fees Likely To Be?

Very few employment cases qualify for legal aid and, even then, the assistance offered is minimal. Therefore, if you do need representation it is likely you will need to pay fees at some point. Your employment solicitor should be open and transparent about their fees. At Lincs Law, how we work and information about our charges is set out clearly on our website.

Does Your Employment Solicitor Provide Any Free Advice?

Before you spend any money, you should be able to speak to someone about your case to make sure they can help. Choosing an employment lawyer to work with is a very personal decision as you need to have confidence in them and be comfortable discussing your case. At Lincs Law Employment Solicitors we provide a free initial telephone consultation with your chosen employment solicitor or barrister so you can discuss your situation before committing yourself.

Why Use An Employment Solicitor?

Law firms are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”). This is important because, although many businesses and individuals offer employment law services, it is only through this level of authorisation and regulation that clients can be reassured about:

  • Expertise
    Solicitors must be registered on the Roll of Solicitors (or barristers with the Bar Council), have undergone practical training in addition to a law degree or conversion diploma, and must maintain professional standards by completing a minimum amount of training each year.
  • Insurance Cover
    A high quality and comprehensive level of insurance cover is mandatory for solicitors to cover anything going wrong with their advice or representation. Lincs Law Employment Solicitors cover is up to 3 million pounds per individual claim.
  • Full Regulation and Oversight
    The SRA imposes and enforces very strict standards of professional conduct and discipline with regard to everything solicitors do. There is also a requirement to have a clear and accessible Complaints Policy in place (see our Legal and Compliance Section).
  • Privilege
    In simple terms, this means that any legal advice given to you by a solicitor will not be seen by any court or tribunal. It is unlikely that a non-qualified adviser will be protected in this way.

Who Are Lincs Law Employment Solicitors?

We opened our doors on 2 September 2015.  Frustrated by the lack of proper affordable legal advice and assistance to people with work and employment problems, Sally Hubbard and Steven Ratcliffe wanted to do things differently.

Sophie Goodwill soon joined the team to be followed by Kathryn Bolton and Lucy Stones.  Lately, we have increased our number of experts again with Jasmine Stewart and Elizabeth Kirkham joining the team.  All the client advisers at Lincs Law are fully qualified solicitors or barristers and employment law specialists.

Several million pounds of compensation for our clients later (not to mention withdrawn disciplinary procedures, reasonable adjustments made for disabled clients, abandoned performance management procedures etc), we are going from strength to strength.

Our clients receive (and will always receive) clear, bespoke and specialist employment law advice.  If we can help you, just call on 01522 440512 for a no obligation, free enquiry.

Compensation Obtained For Our Clients

£33,298,990 and counting

(Plus reinstatements, disciplinary charges dropped, upheld grievances, performance management procedures withdrawn etc.)