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Settlement Agreement (Sex Discrimination)

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I was delighted to help my client with her Settlement Agreement after she had initiated without prejudice negotiations with her employer. I was also very grateful to receive a 5-star review. Please read on to find out more.

My Client’s Story

My client had worked hard for her employer for several years. However, unfortunately, she began to experience problems at work. This started with my client being unjustly denied promotion, in place of a male colleague with less experience. Then, under his management, my client was subjected to unfair treatment. This included being given an unreasonable and unachievable workload; excessive and unnecessary pressure; being excluded from meetings; undermined in respect of her decision-making; and, being gossiped about by colleagues.

My client was very upset about the above situation at work. Understandably, this treatment negatively affected both her physical and mental health. She was therefore signed off work on sickness absence. At this time, she decided to contact her employer on a without prejudice basis to ask for an exit package to leave the company. (For more information about initiating without prejudice negotiations with your employer, please see our website– As a consequence, my client was presented with a Settlement Agreement.

A Settlement Agreement is a written contract between an employer and employee. Usually, in a Settlement Agreement the employer will offer a compensation payment to an employee in exchange for that employee leaving their job, giving up their employment rights and agreeing not to bring any claims against their employer. Further information about Settlement Agreements can be found on our website at

How Did I Assist My Client?

After receiving the proposed Settlement Agreement from her employer, my client contacted us here at Lincs Law Employment Solicitors for assistance. During her free initial telephone enquiry, I discussed my client’s situation and was able to reassure her we could help. Particularly, I explained that for her Settlement Agreement to be valid and enforceable, she needed to receive independent legal advice. We discussed how, here at Lincs Law Employment Solicitors, we offer a Fixed Fee service advising in respect of Settlement Agreements. Please see here for more information about our Settlement Agreement Fixed Fee service –

I was then delighted my client decided to book in for a Settlement Agreement appointment with me. Before our appointment, I spent time reviewing the terms of her Settlement Agreement in detail. During our appointment, we then spent time discussing the following together:

  • The circumstances of her situation.
  • Any potential Employment Tribunal claims she would be settling (if she chose to sign the Settlement Agreement);
  • The overall “benefit” of her Settlement Agreement – i.e., what benefits my client would be receiving over and above what she would otherwise be entitled to.
  • Each of the individual terms of the Settlement Agreement, in detail.
  • The various options available to her moving forward.

Our meeting, as above, was of unlimited duration. This gave my client the time she needed to fully understand her options, the full impact of the Settlement Agreement, and to make an informed decision as to how she wanted to proceed. Following our meeting, I also confirmed my advice in writing to ensure my client had a full record of our discussions.

As a result of my advice, I was delighted when my client decided to instruct me further to negotiate certain amendments to her Settlement Agreement, including the amount of compensation she was receiving. These were amendments I had highlighted to her in detail during our meeting and which would best protect her position moving forward.

I then acted swiftly in contacting her employer and negotiating the contractual amendments on my client’s behalf. I also kept my client fully informed and updated throughout. After some negotiation with her employer, I was very pleased to secure a Settlement Agreement my client was content to sign.

My Client’s Review

I was delighted to help my client with her Settlement Agreement. Particularly, I understood she was in a very difficult position and needed help to achieve the best possible outcome. I was exceptionally grateful to receive the following 5-star review from my client:

“Kate Key represented me and reviewed my employment without prejudice agreement. She was very approachable, professional, open and thorough. She gave very practical advice and was super-efficient. She is highly recommended”.

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Kate Key, Specialist Employment Solicitor